Ingeteam offers a wide range of product, marketed under the INGEREV® brand, to provide a safe and reliable solution to practically all the present-day electric vehicle charging requirements.

The product range includes models for installation on public ways and others for private use. The Ingeteam vision is to achieve a charging infrastructure equipped with a communications system that will ensure intelligent recharging. In other words, optimum management of the charging process in order to minimise its impact on the power grid and to enable charging at off-peak times.

For this reason, the INGEREV® charging stations offer one or more communication interfaces (RS485, Ethernet, 3G, …), to permit communication with other charge points and, optionally, with an external system.

The charging stations have been designed in accordance with the guidelines of the IEC 61851 standard, and are ready to charge vehicles in modes 1, 2 and 3, as set out in this standard, for AC charge points.