The integration of PV systems into diesel grids offers large industries and rural communities a way of saving fuel with a natural and renewable resource. This can be achieved by adding INGECON® SUN series PV inverters and Ingeteam's PV-Diesel controller to the diesel grid.

Main challenges of the PV-Diesel integration:

  • To guarantee a minimum load for the gensets, in order to ensure a longer life for the generators.
  • To protect against reverse power in case of a total load disconnection.
  • To ensure stability against irradiance variations due to cloud shading.

Ingeteam PV-Diesel controller achieves all that and it also monitors the system's power flows and manages the PV power injected to the diesel grid, allowing achieving up to a 70 percent of PV penetration compared to the total diesel capacity.

Ingeteam has developed different solutions for each system type: continuous operation diesel systems (based on one or more gensets operating permanently) or on-demand diesel systems (featuring an external controller that selects the number gensets that will operate depending on the load requirement)

Furthermore, Ingeteam's PV-Diesel Solution allows adding to the system not only a PV installation, but also an energy storage system or even the public grid. The PV-Diesel controller will manage all of these elements.

Main system features:

  • Minimum diesel load: It guarantees that the diesel generators do not operate under a minimum load level, in order to ensure a longer engine life.
  • Reverse power protection: It avoids a power flow from the inverter to the genset, for example, in the event of a total load disconnection.
  • Stability against irradiance variations: Ingeteam PV-Diesel controller limits the PV output power to guarantee that the available spinning reserve is enough to meet the energy demand in a cloud shading event. Together with the battery inverters INGECON® SUN STORAGE PowerMax, Ingeteam PV-Diesel controller guarantees system stability in a cloud shading event.
  • Monitoring: The installation can be monitored by using INGECON® SUN SCADA solution.
  • Reactive Power Support from the PV inverters, for those installations with high reactive power consumption.