This innovative energy management solution developed by Ingeteam for the residential, commercial and industrial market sectors allows for increased self-consumption, by matching energy production and consumption.

The INGECON® EMS Manager device controls the energy generation from renewable sources, based on the power production data obtained from the power converters and on total system consumption. Furthermore, it allows the connection and disconnection of controllable loads. The INGECON® EMS Manager implements management strategies based on the different devices connected to the system, making it possible to plan how and when to consume the power produced. The INGECON® EMS Manager is designed to optimise any electricity system in terms of energy usage and cost savings.

Thanks to the potential-free outputs it is possible to determine the connection and disconnection times for the various loads coupled to the system. This allows for the connection of electric boilers, radiators, pumps, electric vehicles etc, constantly adapting total system consumption to the renewable energy produced.

The system energy manager constantly controls the amount of energy exchanged with the public grid. Thanks to the potential-free outputs it is possible the system constantly meters the two-way power flow between the grid and the system. This information is transferred in real time to the INGECON® EMS Manager. Furthermore, the INGECON® EMS Power Meter allows the system to be decoupled from the grid, to become an off-grid network. In order to do so, the INGECON® SUN STORAGE series battery inverters are required, in conjunction with a storage system.

The INGECON® EMS Manager also acts as a communication centre, constantly exchanging information with the INGECON® EMS Power Meter devices and the system converters. It can also sends orders to the INGECON® EMS Load Control through Bluetooth or RS485 communication interfaces to actively control the loads.