Ingeteam offers its customers the very latest technology in communication boards. Thanks to the hardware developed by the Ingeteam engineers, it is possible to establish local communication with the PV inverters and / or remote communication through a PC. In this way, all the PV system variables (operating parameters and historical data files) can be monitored simply and conveniently.

This communication can be made through a number of boards that can be incorporated into the inverter. All these boards feature a unified connector in order to facilitate the connection of any of them in every inverter from Ingeteam’s product range.

RS485 communication is the easiest and fastest way to interconnect a number of inverters and is supplied as standard in many inverter families. For those inverters that do not feature standard RS485 communication, Ingeteam can optionally supply an RS485 board to provide this.

Ethernet Modbus/TCP board is the best way to establish Ethernet communication with Ingeteam’s inverters and it enables some more advanced control strategies. This board includes also conversion to RS485. On the other hand, the dual Ethernet Modbus/TCP Protocol board is a ready-to-use high-quality box that has been designed for Ingeteam’s central inverters.

One of Ingeteam’s latest developments in communication boards is the Wi-Fi board, for wireless communication, and which also includes conversion to RS485.