The new INGECON® SUN PowerMax M series features a revamped, improved enclosure which, together with its innovative air cooling system, makes it possible to increase the ambient operating temperature to deliver its rated power up to 45ºC.

These indoor inverters can be supplied with either two, three or four independent power blocks, each one with its own maximum power point tracking (MPPT) system. 

Through the use of innovative electronic conversion topologies, efficiency values of up to 99.1% can be achieved. Its innovative ventilation system, with a uniform internal circulation of fresh air, ensures that these inverters are able to withstand extreme ambient conditions.

These three phase inverters are equipped with a motorized DC switch to decouple the PV generator from the inverter. Optionally, the inverters can be supplied with an AC thermal-magnetic circuit breaker with door control, in addition to DC fuses, grounding kit and input current monitoring.

The INGECON® SUN PowerMax M Series has been designed to comply with the grid connection requirements in different countries, contributing to the quality and stability of the electric system. These inverters therefore feature a Low Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) capability and can deliver reactive power and control the active power delivered to the grid.

The following applications are included at no extra cost: INGECON® SUN Manager, INGECON® SUN Monitor and its Smart-phone version iSun Monitor, available on the App Store. These applications are used for monitoring and recording the inverter’s internal operating variables through the Internet (alarms, real time production, etc.), in addition to the historical production data. Two communication ports available (one for monitoring and one for plant controlling), allowing fast and simultaneous plant control.

Different versions available for all types of project:

  • Indoor inverters with integrated DCAC cabinet.
  • Indoor inverters with DC cabinet.
  • Symmetrical indoor inverters, with the connection cabinet on the opposite side, to make it possible to install two inverters facing each other, with a common power supply point.

Standard 5 year warranty, extendable for up to 25 years.


  • Nominal AC output power: up to 1,164 kVA @ 30°C / 1,071 kVA @ 45°C.
  • Maximum certified efficiency: 99.1%
  • The maximum power is delivered up to 45ºC ambient temperature.
  • Reduced €/Wp ratio thanks to increased output power.
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to its modular architecture.
  • Advanced MPPT algorithm that makes it possible harnessing the maximum power from the PV array. 
  • Main protection devices supplied as standard. 
  • Lightweight spare parts.
  • Synchronization kit. 
  • Night power supply. 
  • Built-in RS485 communication.


  • Up to 16 pairs of DC fuse-holders.
  • Manual DC breaker with door control.
  • Automatic DC contactor (for each power block).
  • DC reverse polarity.
  • DC and AC surge arresters, type 2.
  • DC insulation failure.
  • Anti-islanding monitoring with automatic disconnection.
  • AC short-circuits and overloads.
  • AC thermal-magnetic circuit breaker with remote tripping.


  • DC fuses (40A to 400A).
  • DC group currents monitoring.
  • Detection of blown DC fuses.
  • DC and AC surge arresters, type 1.
  • Low Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) capability.
  • Motorization kit for AC thermal-magnetic circuit breaker.
  • Protection against AC insulation failure.
  • AC wattmeter.
  • Low temperature operating kit (to operate down to -30ºC).
  • Reactive power compensation with no PV array power.
  • Ethernet Modbus/TCP and GSM/GPRS communication cards.
  • INGECON® SUN StringControl 16/32 inputs intelligent string combiner boxes.
  • INGECON® SUN StringBox 16/24/32 inputs passive combiner boxes.