A large number of remote villages all over the world are still forced to resort to alternative energy generation solutions to supply their needs. Due to economic factors, pollution and, of course, dependence, the power generation systems based solely on fossil fuels, no longer appear to be the best option. Ingeteam has applied all its experience in the electrical engineering sector in order to develop solutions for these alternative energy generation systems.

As a result, Ingeteam is proud to offer a wide range of products capable of meeting all types of needs and requirements. Based on the premise of making an uninterrupted energy supply available, Ingeteam has designed some robust, easy-to-install equipment, with priority given to the generation of electricity through renewable energy sources. The sun and the wind are resources that are as old as they are plentiful in our environment and, as such, they form the base that supports our systems.

We are referring to converters capable of generating energy by means of these resources, and supported by a system of batteries in order to ensure that power is delivered to the micro-grid whenever the photovoltaic and wind power systems are unable to power the loads.
Within our range of products for off-grid systems we include single-phase and three-phase solutions being able to fit in all type of load demands.